MONOL’s English-Only-Policy and my first week as a student by Rezia

In Monol, everyone comes from different countries and even the same nationalities still need to speak English because of the English-Only-Policy. This naturally establishes an English environment; hence, if you are the one who lacks self-discipline and wants to study English, Monol is the best choice.


MONOL Electives by Gordon

Besides MONOL’s major courses, we also have three and a half hours free electives for students to choose. For those…

최신뉴스 (생활편)

Vietnamese and Japanese Agencies Grace Monol International

Monol International Education Institute is one of the affiliates of BESA participating in the Fam Tour. On separate dates, the delegates from Vietnamese and Japanese agencies have graced the premier English school in Baguio, finding out how well the school fares in the industry.