Abigail’s Progress Analysis


Student’s Profile

Abigail-126-AName: ABIGAIL
Nationality: Korean
Age: 21
Journalism Student
Studied in Monol for 12 weeks (23 August 2014 to 14 November 2014)

Abigail’s starting level was Essential Elementary. She took the Revalidation Test after her first term and after successfully passing, she skipped Elementary 2 and jumped to Essential Intermediate on her second term.

Level Test Results

Graphic Representation of the Student’s Progress Based on the Level Test Results


Qualitative Analysis of the Improvements Noted in Abigail’s Speaking Skills
AREA 1st Test 2nd Test  3rd Test
Fluency She can deliver a simple introduction of herself with ease but when it comes to putting her thoughts together and expressing them, she has a hard time. The student can understand most of the questions asked.Though some questions were repeated, she did not take that long to answer them unlike the first time. She is now the one starting a conversation. She can also sustain a conversation and even make jokes using the English language
Grammar The student is confused with sentence patterns. She can answer but in a much disorganized way. She can now connect her sentences and make better ones, though she could still use other ways to do so. She uses idioms and expressions in her answers and she can even correct herself.
Vocabulary She can use common words that she knows but she needs to upgrade her word bank. She now uses synonyms instead of the words she usually uses and she can express herself more. Complex words are now understood and used. Very few words needed to be explained.
Content She could answer but with very trivial sentences.She could delve deeper to make a point but lack of vocabulary stops her from doing so. There are more ideas heard out of her and she can justify her answers though some answers were objective. She could try to use her opinion in answering. It is impressive how she thinks about a certain topic and it is even more impressive that she can now express these ideas.

Speaking Tests

1st Term

Intro video

2nd Term

Intro video

3rd Term

Intro video

Graphic Representation of the Student’s Progress Based on the Level Test Results


Qualitative Analysis of the Improvements noted in Abigail’s Writing Skills
AREA 1st Test 2nd Test  3rd Test
Content and consistency She can only write about the topic by barely translating sentences into English from her native language. The student writes more ideas about the topic by adding more sentences in her essay. She can now express herself more in writing and even use experiences to relate to the topic.
Grammar She is confused with using punctuation marks and so her ideas are either not related or not connected.She tries to use complicated tenses but fails to do well. She is also confused with simple tenses by using too many verbs or using the wrong form. She can use the simple tenses asked from her with ease.She also tries to use expressions she has learned and more complex sentences with conditionals. The student has minimal errors regarding prepositions but her sentences are now longer and can connect them with the proper conjunctions.She can use simple tenses with no difficulty.
Style Her sentences are organized satisfactorily but lack the aesthetic quality of writing an essay. Her sentences are organized and presented in a better way by using conjunctions and time clauses. She has a better style of writing in a way that the reader gets the complete picture of her essay.
Vocabulary The student wrote in her native language some words that she did not know how to write in English. She now uses more words to write about her experiences. She has a better choice of words to write about what she wants.She also knows that some words have a certain verb for them (i.e. collocations).

Writing Placement Tests

  • Has shown adequate progress in understanding the main idea of the text
  • With good progress in reading fluently (familiar with reading mechanics)
  • Has shown adequate progress in recognizing context clues and some vocabularies
  • Has shown progress in making assumptions and conclusions from the reading
  • Has shown adequate progress in identifying main ideas and supporting details from spoken English
  • With adequate progress in making predictions and inferences
  • Has shown good progress in recognizing context clues and some vocabularies from the listening file
  • Has shown good progress in relating the topics to his own experiences

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