Jerry’s Progress Analysis


Student’s Profile

Abigail-126-AName: JERRY
Nationality: Korean
Age: 22
Electronic Engineering Student
(Current student) Study program duration: 16 weeks
(23 August 2014 to 12 December 2014)

Jerry’s starting level was Foundational Advanced. He took the Revalidation Test after his first term and after successfully passing, he skipped Foundational Advanced Book 2 and jumped to Essential Elementary on his second term. At present, he is in Essential Elementary Book 2.

Level Test Results

Graphic Representation of the Student’s Progress Based on the Level Test Results


Qualitative Analysis of the Improvements Noted in Jerry’s Speaking Skills
AREA 1st Test 2nd Test  3rd Test
Fluency He can barely introduce himself and questions are needed for him to be able to do so.He just nods when he doesn’t understand. He shows better comprehension and is able to express a complete idea though with some errors.It doesn’t take him that long anymore to give an answer. It seems he is more comfortable now with using the English languageHe already answers basic questions with ease unlike the first time.
Grammar The student barely made a complete sentence.It is noticeable that he just puts words together to express himself. He can now make better sentences though with some errors regarding grammar. He can now answer in complete sentences and tries to connect those using conjunctions.His choice of verb forms is also better.
Vocabulary He has a limited vocabulary and so he could neither understand nor answer some questions. He tried using some words he learned and can use some basic expressions. He is able to use more difficult words quite appropriately.
Content Questions had to be repeated/re-phrased.He has a limited vocabulary, just enough to give an answer but he does not get the point. Though the student could not state all the details needed, he was able to give a satisfactory summary of what was asked. He tries his best to answer well and takes time to think of a better way to give an answer.

Speaking Tests

1st Term

Intro video

2nd Term

Intro video

3rd Term

Intro video

Graphic Representation of the Student’s Progress Based on the Level Test Results


Qualitative Analysis of the Improvements noted in Jerry’s Writing Skills
AREA 1st Test 2nd Test  3rd Test
Content and consistency Content is satisfactory but his ideas are so disorganized that show neither fluency nor consistency. He can present his ideas in a more understandable way by being able to relate his experiences to a topic. He could express more ideas about the topic presented.
Grammar He shows weakness in using participles as adjectives (such as tiring versus tired) and in using prepositions.He is also confused with “I” and “I’m” and needs to practice spelling. He now tries to use time clauses to write about events and can now use adverbs of frequency (e.g. sometimes, always).Common conjunctions such as “and” and “but” are now perfectly used. His use of prepositions is now natural and commits minimal mistakes regarding “I” and “I’m”.He now uses compound and complex sentences in his essays.
Style He keeps on using the same subject and has a messy transition of ideas. The student is able to state his opinion and then demonstrate examples to support his essay though in simple sentences. He now starts his essays with a better introduction and can also end them with a better conclusion.
Vocabulary He is not good with word forms and uses the same words to express different kinds of meanings. He has fewer mistakes regarding spelling and can use the provided vocabularies in a satisfactory way. He can now use words he has learned without them being provided and in the right way.

Writing Placement Tests

  • Has shown excellent progress in understanding the main idea of the text
  • With good progress in reading fluently (familiar with reading mechanics)
  • Has shown adequate progress in recognizing context clues and some vocabularies
  • Has shown adequate progress in making assumptions and conclusions from the reading
  • Has shown adequate progress in identifying main ideas and supporting details from spoken English
  • With adequate progress in making predictions and inferences
  • Has shown adequate progress in recognizing context clues and some vocabularies from the listening file
  • Has shown adequate progress in relating the topics to his own experiences

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