Staying Fit While It Rains


Baguio City doesn’t get completely dry this season. It rains lightly and sometimes hard. Even the sun is taking naps. You never know how to describe the day. The coldness calls on the fog and lulls us to stay in the house or sprawl on the bed all day. This lethargy is not healthy.

Photo courtesy: Baguio Family Time

Thanks to Monol for breaking this bad habit. As part of keeping the experience good for everyone, meaning students and employees, Monol organized activities to make sure that blasting energy never get lost.

Zumba Day

On July 6, after the end-of-term ceremony, a free session of Zumba was held at the lounge. Teachers and students gracefully grooved in the beats of the latest dance craze such as Bboom Bboom and many more! It was fun to see the teachers and students go swaying and moving together to drive away the lazy aura of the rainy season.

Sportsfest 2018

On July 13, the awarding of Sportsfest took place. Several teams had joined the basketball game that aims to shake off the monotony of studying life and to forge a bond among students of different nationalities.

There’s also a bonus: it includes money prize! After weeks of going against each other, neck to neck, it was Team Jackson who won the trophy. Team Sean became the runner-up.



Rainy days could’ve been boring and ordinary, but Monol knows how to shake things up. It felt so good to sweat with a nice prize. Stay healthy everyone!


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